Friday, September 10, 2010


Thanks every one of you for your support in my goal of educating society on homosexuality! I truly believe the more personal approach taken will reap great benefits.

Some of you may think it doesn't make a difference whether society understands and accepts homosexuality or not, that you can go about your business as usual and you won't be affected.

Think for a moment; wouldn't it be nice to have the same spousal benefits heterosexual couples enjoy, wouldn't you like going out with your partner anywhere and hold hands or give each other a kiss without giving it a second thought-ANYWHERE YOU GO. I could go on and on, but just realize you will reap great benefits from a more informed public and what better way to reside in this world today than in a society where one is accepted for who and what they are!

Please give it some serious thought and then join me in my efforts. My book LIVING THE DIFFERENCE is a start in the right direction. JUMP ON BOARD NOW!
I can't do it alone.

Tip of the day: JUST DO IT!

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