Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am going to post the email I sent to my brother a few days back.  He called me the other day and it was the most enjoyable, loving, and understanding conversation we have ever had!  Just wanted to share the email with everyone.

Hi Steve,

Been awhile. Spencer and I have moved again. We moved after two years from the new home we had constructed to an older historical home in an established neighborhood much closer to Jarred and Jordan. We spend a lot of time together. Our new address is 7532 W. Fordson Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127. Our home number is 405-470-6944!

I finally finished my book I have been working on for so many years and found a publisher to publish it. It was recently released and is getting great reviews. It takes some time for new book releases, especially from unknown authors such as myself, to really get off the ground, but before long I will be going on some book tours and signings and hope to be up your way not long after the first of the year! Mom and dad would be so proud of me for the book; it depicts them just as they always were, the most loving individuals anyone could know and how their love was always unconditional. I dedicated the book to them, along with certain others including yourself. Steve, I don't think I would be alive today had it not been for your unconditional love and support through many of the trials and tribulations I've endured throughout the years. I love you and your family dearly!

Espresso House Publishing released the book and information on it can be found at the following sites:

I wrote my life story from the bottom of my heart, with the total truth of my being who I am and with the love of God able to live the life I was given to live. It is a non-fiction autobiography that has been long over due. With everything going on in this world today with all the hatred and un-Christian like attitudes toward certain individuals and all the teen suicides relating to sexual preferences, I want to spend the rest of my life educating society on an issue so many are ignorant of and thus bitterly opposed to through that ignorance. I am using my newly released book as a vehicle to educate society and through this education will come understanding and acceptance and eventually equality for all. This world has evolved from the beginning and the old archaic beliefs of so many individuals has got to evolve as well. God is good and God is great, but God also knows certain things in this life are out of our own control. If every individual took many of these old archaic beliefs to heart and took them literally, most individuals would be going to Hell for once reason or another and that is not what our God had in mind, nor will it ever be. God would not create individuals who were not meant to live their life the way they were born to live; there is no choice in this, the only choice is to live a lie or live the truth and according to the teachings of Christ, everyone should live a truthful life!

Love your brother,


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