Monday, October 11, 2010

Wild Elephant

Have you read or heard about the anti-gay book getting a lot of publicity, WILD ELEPHANT!  I can't believe some of the contents of the book.  The author claims basically that if you follow the teachings of the book, you can be sure your child will not be gay!

Quite obviously, the author has not performed much homework prior to writing the book!

I am working diligently at getting exposure for my new release, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay!  I am using my book as a vehicle to assist in the accurate and proper education to society of homosexuality.  Currently a large portion of society is ill informed on homosexuality and ignorance on any subject matter is damning to that issue.  I firmly believe a more educated society is a more understanding and accepting society and along with that will eventually come equality for all!

Please help me with this education process!

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  1. It is appalling that books like this actually get printed. It'd be nice to think most publishers have standards but they really don't. The only standard is 'what's the next money maker'. As for the *ahem* intelligent individual who wrote it... eeeehh seriously there's no point. It's kinda like the person I just blogged about.. must be something going around!


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