Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review

The following is a book review I just received from Jessica Arent, CEO at PROMESA and Director of Marketing for Riazul.

"Poignant and inspiring, LIVING THE DIFFERENCE is an extraordinary if not courageous survival story of the modern age. Conquering the final frontier of bigotry and prejudice to live a life in authenticity, the author compels his reader to search his soul for his social responsibility and stand up for an extraordinary modern movement of equality. In this stirring novel, the author offers a new perspective initiating a paradigm shift in what we think we know and understand, and what truly is. An amazingly rich piece of literature, and a MUST READ in these tumultuous times of the right to live in genuine authenticity and recognition of equality for all mankind. "


  1. J.C. Knudson has done an amazing and outstanding job in his literary debut. It's a work filled with love, hate, joy, sorrow, and much more. Knudson takes us on a tour of his life that is filled with life-changing events that will keep you reading through the night. This is an excellent source for anyone wanting to learn about homosexuals and their many conflicts in society. It inspires liberation for anyone struggling with their identity or that of a loved one. This book joins others on the path for equal rights for homosexuals and other minority groups. Knudson is truly "living the difference".

  2. Thank you ever so much Joshua for the kind words!


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