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                     Rev. Magora E. Kennedy
                          2012 HONORARY MARCH LEADER

The Gay Reverend Magora E. Kennedy is 100% New York State, suburban and urban.  Rev. Magora was born in Albany, New York, the state capital, on September 22, 1938 and has been residing in The Bronx since the mid-1990s.  She is the mother of five, the grandmother of ten, and the great grandmother of five.  Is this unusual?  Absolutely!  Way back then, women were expected to get married, and to a man; in Rev. Magora's situation, she was under extremely heavy, forced, and emotionally tormented pressure.  Make no mistake, Rev. Magora dearly loves all of her blessed twenty offspring!  Because of her big clan, she is known as the Gayest Great Grandmama.

Rev. Magora, with her minister's collar on, was there the very first night of the Stonewall Rebellion on Friday, June 27, 1969. In the daytime, Rev. Magora and several friends paid their respects at the funeral of the great, color-less entertainer Judy Garland at her huge public funeral in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Four gay women were driving out of Manhattan, after an evening of food and drink in Greenwich Village that very hot Friday night headed to Provincetown, Rhode Island. They all had been talking about the great career and short life of gay icon Judy (47) all the while listening to the radio in the car. They hadn't driven very far, still in Manhattan, when they heard a brief item on the local news, "This just in! An uprising in Greenwich Village has just broken out at The Stonewall Bar involving the police."  They turned the car around and headed right back to Greenwich Village. When they arrived on Christopher Street, the cops were already in full mode and had people in a police paddy wagon. There were still other LGBT patrons inside as they were slowly parading people out the front door of The Stonewall Bar.  There was a gay boy who actually tried to escape and nearly escaped, but was grabbed from behind, pulled to the ground out front of the bar, and was then needlessly drop-kicked by a big uniformed cop.  The boy's nose hit the pavement and was bleeding profusely; his standing up to this police abuse sparked the rebellion.
This is the scene of the annual Stonewall Prayer in front of The Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street at Stonewall Place in Greenwich Village during the annual New York City Pride Parade, June 30, 2002Rev. Magora is in the center.

At 73, today Rev. Magora is still going strong and is always PROUD and excited to tell her story so LGBT history will continue to live on...

"I definitely feel a part of the Stonewall Rebellion having visited with Rev. Magora for extended conversations over the telephone on two separate occasions; I could write for hours on what we talked about.  As the International Committee Chairman of the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches, I was ecstatic when Rev. Magora proudly accepted the title of Honorary March Leader I bestowed upon her on behalf of the committee."
                  Joseph C. Knudson

Official website just launched


Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches


Creator of Event:
(a facebook + open LGBT Equality group of over 20,000 members; 15,000
publicly listed members & 5,000
 closeted & off facebook private members)


Group Creator:  Joseph C. Knudson, Published Author & Gay Rights Advocate

                                                                                                                              (Official Worldwide Affiliate Logo Display)

               WE HAVE A DREAM...Help us realize it NOW!

                                          JOIN US 04/21/2012
Event Creator Bio:

An LGBT equality movement comprised of members from all walks of life and of various & diverse sexual orientation and gender identities, in addition to all of our family, friends, and allies.  Created for the achievement of basic human rights, inclusive of full legal civil rights allowing freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations while allowing and ensuring one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.  The movement is much more than just a social gathering in the fact that the members initiate equality campaigns, petitions, marches, as well as taking on challenges issued in the process of advancing our rights, in addition to the endorsement, support, and action taking on those equality campaigns initiated by other movements, organizations, and individuals.

Our core mission is to ultimately obtain the aforementioned rights through proper and peaceful channels employing many different vehicles along the way.  Strong emphasis being placed on educating and enlightening society and governments worldwide as to our plight and our demand and intent to live within those same laws and guarantees enjoyed equally by all other segments of society worldwide.

We also believe that education is the key to eradicating homophobia worldwide and that through all of our individual and joint efforts we will make a difference and show societies and governments worldwide that we are living the life we were born to live and the life freely intended us to live.

Involved Sub-group of Creator:

LGBT Political Action/Allies/+ subgroup of LET'S REACH 1 M PEOPLE CAMPAIGN...
Comprised of the administrators of the aforementioned creator of event, along with politicians from all levels of government, as well as LGBT & LGBT friendly prominent public figures.  Public list of all members, including administrators, available for viewing on the group facebook page of both the parent and sub-group.  Note: all member politicians have been personally private messaged with all details of the event with many favorable responses in support.

National Lead Sponsor of Event:

Espresso House Publishing & Distribution, LLC (an Oklahoma privately owned Limited Liability Company)
Initial & preliminary expenses incurred for pre-publicity, feasibility study, document preparation, and legal paid directly by Lead Sponsor with none of those payments made to any committee member nor family & relatives of any committee member.

Public Event Page:!/events/217923068269572/  (a facebook online public event page)
Numerous user friendly tools available on page, along with a detailed narrative description of the event (click on see more to display the complete narrative)

Preliminary Press Release Dated 10/31/2011:

International Committee voting Members:
  (recently realigned due to European delegate stepping down due to threatening emails, as well as Canadian delegate stepping down due to time constraints, and 2 non-voting field members not listed below)

Joe Knudson, Chairman & Spokesperson
Jonathan Wolfman, Oversight
James Vivian, Administrative
Arturo Schultz, Communications
Marc Holcomb, Location Advisor
Spencer Aiello, Head of Public Relations
Isidro Gonzales, Event Advisor

Purpose & Urgency of Event:

This is grassroots organizing of hungry, aggressive, and eager LGBT & LGBT friendly activists, advocates, and all other allies worldwide working at planning and organizing various marches, after parties, watch parties, etc. around the world, with the trust and hope that entire LGBT communities and all LGBT and Human Rights organizations worldwide will put all egos aside and come together in unity for this historic event.  This one day, April 21, 2012, our voices will be heard worldwide.  The momentum is strong and fierce with recent actions at the United Nations, as well as the recent speech given by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and we must enhance this momentum by going forward with this education and enlightenment to societies and governments worldwide as to our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS and that the LGBT DEMAND and INTEND to gain our FULL CIVIL RIGHTS NOW!  There will be other specific demands for your own individual city/state/province/area/country where your march and non-march events are held, as long as they relate to equality for the LGBT, Basic Human Rights, or other pressing LGBT issues such as bullying, etc., please use this event to include those as well.
  With election year in America upon us, as well as current work taking place for the ultimate passage of omnibus LGBT equality legislation in America, the window of opportunity is upon us and has never been as open as it is now.  As our International Committee chairman recently stated to a reporter, "FAILURE TO TAKE ACTION NOW AND FAILURE OF THOSE TO PARTICIPATE IS NOTHING SHORT OF FAILING OUR OWN LGBT COMMUNITIES AND DENYING BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS TO ALL WORLDWIDE!"

Synopsis of Event Structure:

(... LGBT, family, friends, & allies CALL TO ARMS)

The structure is simple; it is Town Hall
 type of organizing, more so from the bottom up, rather than the top down.  It is not one centrally located march, rather a number of marches worldwide, along with other local ancillary events in numerous locations (both march site & non-march site locations) such as private watch parties both on & offline, in addition to public watch parties at local LGBT community centers (both of these sort of a join in & create your own event type of thing for those unable to attend a physical march), as well as after parties upon completion of the march at set locations arranged by Lead Organizer for that march city.  Inclusion of the masses, regardless of where, is in the utmost minds of the committee, in addition to introducing and bringing in as Lead Organizers many from the younger generation as well as seasoned individuals as after all, the younger generation is our future of tomorrow.  The committee is utilizing extensive online social networking for the success of this event!

(for a download attachment to a Non-March Event Planning Kit for use in planning and organizing the above referenced ancillary events, please request one on the official website at )

We are guiding and assisting these independent Lead Organizers in numerous ways for them to plan and organize these marches in each of their locations. This guidance takes on many forms, such as a continual private message thread on facebook for updates, questions, interactions, etc.; this thread includes all Lead Organizers, along with every member of the International Committee, in addition to any other active LGBT Activist/Advocate so desiring to be a part of this historic event.  A set of guidelines/suggestions has been given to each Lead Organizer for use in their planning and organizing:

With each Lead Organizer knowing their own location in most every aspect (land area, local & state LGBT organizations, LGBT community centers, LGBT & LGBT friendly businesses, etc.) much better than the International Committee, we felt it important the existence of their own freedom to organize.  Many already receiving assistance from their local LGBT community centers, LGBT organizations, and  LGBT businesses prove this approach is working; assistance such as organizing fundraisers, donating much needed supplies (one LGBT club even having a designated sign making night with all supplies furnished), etc.  Starting the preparations early allow for this involvement of the local community every step of the way while building excitement and riding the momentum up to the huge event. Involvement of the community encourages a more active participation on event day... (an extremely helpful link to assist in locating LGBT community centers across the world is ).

Another great area of assistance many Lead Organizers have found is the total support from the various PFLAG chapters (locate one anywhere in the world at ), thus involving the many thousands upon thousands of supportive family and friends that do exist; in addition, certain LGBT friendly churches have offered fundraising assistance for such events (to inquire for specific areas, go to ).

Lead Organizers are finding unity and cooperation among other LGBT equality organizations for this historic event, with one Lead Organizer in close association with GetEQUAL*, an organization that inspires and encourages the LGBT to take that bold action such as we are with these marches!  Another group of activists the Lead Organizers are finding very receptive to a coalition for this event is the various Occupy movements around the world; the important thing here is that our organizers contact the local Occupy group in their march site location immediately to get our event on the local Occupy calendar, assuring them while the LGBT lead this event with our demand for FULL CIVIL RIGHTS NOW, they are welcome to include their various demands as well ( is a great site to locate the Occupy groups in various cities around the world).  Every single day unity is being achieved among various LGBT equality organizations as affiliations are continually being formed for this historic event!  The latest LGBT equality organization to sign on to this event is Marriage Equality USA®, with a mission to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state level, without regard to sex identity, gender identity or sexual orientation (contact information for MEUSA at end of disclosure).  A committee member from The Equality Project, Shawn O'Malley, just confirmed their desire to be actively involved in this event ( ).

Excerpt from article in the Washington Blade, America's Leading Gay News Source, on 01/12/12:

D.C. gay activist Phil Attey, who has used Facebook to organize LGBT-related endeavors, said Knudson contacted him last year to seek his help with the worldwide march project. Attey said he supports the project and thinks the decision by organizers to hold marches in many cities rather than just Washington was an “excellent idea.” Attey called on march organizers to focus their attention in the U.S. on electing LGBT supportive members of Congress in the November election.

With social media at the forefront of mass communications, the committee is utilizing one of the largest social sites in the world, FACEBOOK, to achieve inclusion of the masses.  Proving this effectiveness is being achieved at this very early stage with one Lead Organizer having several thousand members in a group designated as their local chapter of the Worldwide Marches, with the availability to set up an individual Event Page for that specific location with mass invites for this historic event; care must be given though so as to not slight the benefit of a broad coalition of those LGBT equality groups and organizations not represented on FACEBOOKTwitter, LinkedIn, dot429 professional LGBT network, and many others are also being utilized to achieve results.
Registered Lead Organizers & Location of Marches/Gatherings:

Curtis Sledge, Jr.                             Washington, DC
Mohammad Azam                            Pakistan
Noa Francis Shayden                       Chicago
Dusty Wenk                                    Atlanta
Eyad Alkurabi                                  Albany
Christianne M. Bharath                     NYC
Marc Holcomb                                 Oklahoma City
Capri Mahaffey                                 Hampton, VA
Kelly Caldwell                                  Portland

Jackie Yambot                               Philippines (Province of Isabela)
Pol Cabalfin                                     Philippines (Bacolod City, Province of Negros Occidental)
Robert Collins                                  Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Ms. Ricky Roberts                           Athens, GA
Brian Rohrbaugh                              Baltimore, Maryland
David William Vandygriff                   Jacksonville, FL
Dante T. Thompson                          Las Vegas
Jami J. Bevers                                 Millington/Memphis
Wendelinus Linus Hamutenya           Windheok, Namibia
Ochen Jacob & Byamugisha Jeff
       Kampala City, Uganda
Stephen Ray Luce                           Tulsa, OK
Robert GayMormon Moore                Salt Lake City
Certain Loyal Activists                      Great Britain

(While there will be events on this day throughout Great Britain by those activists desiring to represent their solidarity for this worldwide event, an arrangement was made between them and the Chairman of the International Committee, to leave those events private and unpublished as a showing of respect for this special day of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II -  her birthday)
Mikael Frank Audebert                    Orlando
Wezesha                                        Tanzania
PFLAG San Juan                           San Juan, Texas
LADLAD LGBT Organization         Manila, Philippines
Amelie Leingang Hahn                   Jackson, Mississippi
Regina Ebi                                     Abuja, Nigeria
Sandra Morlas                               New Orleans
Steven Vidlund                              Marquette, Michigan
Magdalena Robinson                    South Cebu, Philippines
Helen Nixon                                  Mobile, Alabama

(each registered lead organizer is assigned a security ID# to verify identification in press releases and media contact, as well as field verification should anyone encountered in planning wish verification with the International Committee)

Fundraising (see summary explanation with letter from T-Shirt vendor at very end of disclosure):

The subject was touched briefly above in some of the narrative.  To expand, with the structure these marches have taken on, along with the independence advantage bestowed upon each of the Lead Organizers, expenses incurred will be minimal as we are not setting the stage for box office attractions along with their inherent expenses, rather we are setting the stage with enthusiastic and eager diverse individuals from all walks of life, along with our family, friends, and all other allies.  WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE HAVE DEMANDS, and while we may show up with homemade signs and banners, WE WILL BE SHOWING UP!  We are NOT trying to impress anyone with fancy paraphernalia, WE ARE MARCHING TO MAKE A BOLD IMPRESSION of our DEMAND and INTENT to GAIN OUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, to LIVE WITHIN THE SAME LAWS & GUARANTEES enjoyed by other segments of society.  It doesn't take a great deal of money to accomplish this...

The committee found, in the preliminary study prior to launching this event, there are many LGBT owned & LGBT friendly businesses within the local communities more than willing to donate certain services and supplies for an event of this nature; one just needs to find them and ask.  Most LGBT communities have local newsletters, e-magazines, etc. that many times have a section in the back listing LGBT owned & LGBT friendly businesses in the area; word of mouth around the community is another great source of information.  LGBT churches, clubs, bars, community centers many times will help with supplies for signs and banners; in addition, LGBT clubs and bars encourage fundraising events sponsored by and at their location, as well as the placement of promotional flyers as it draws patrons to their establishment.  Additional encouragement for this participation many times is accomplished by scheduling watch parties and after parties at their particular establishment on event day to accommodate those not able to physically attend a march, as well as a place for the marchers to gather after the event (this also works well for those establishments in non-march site locations).  When approaching stores or service establishments for supply or service donations, it best to mention they are for signs, banners, and fliers for the Worldwide Human/Civil Rights Marches coming up in the city (Dollar & Thrift stores are great places to approach as well).  If confirmation by the establishment with the International Committee is necessary, please let one of the committee members know and the establishment can be called or correspondence emailed.

The committee did approve the sale of an Official Event T-Shirt; the printing and sales are totally handled by an LGBT owned business out of Atlanta.  The company is totally independent of this event, with no committee member benefiting from the sales of the T-Shirt.  The company has agreed to donate $3.00 (USD) per T-Shirt sold to help defray any allowable ancillary expenses incurred by a registered Lead Organizer in the planning and organizing of this event, providing an original receipt is available detailing the expense.  Those incurred expenses should be minimal considering the structure of this event, the aggressive solicitation of donated supplies at each march site location, as well as the availability to each independent Lead Organizer of fundraising efforts at each of their march site locations as touched upon above.  The Official Event T-Shirt link is

To alleviate the need for extensive and time consuming fundraising revenue distribution and internal controls at the committee level, the committee has reached an agreement with the T-Shirt supplier to submit a report of T-Shirt sales to the committee at the end of each month beginning with January and ending with April; likewise, the Lead Organizers will submit electronic copies of original receipts to the committee at the end of each month for the same time period of any expenses incurred at march site location level that was not either donated or paid for by local fundraisers.  The committee will summarize the receipts and send the T-Shirt supplier a list of disbursements to be made to each Lead Organizer by the 15th of the month following month end to the extent fundraising revenue from T-Shirt sales covers those disbursements (any underage or overage of revenue will be carried over to the next month).  It is projected and highly anticipated fundraising revenue from T-Shirt sales will far exceed any reimbursement necessary to Lead Organizers; any excess will be divided equally and donated to an LGBT charity at the local level chosen by each Lead Organizer, along with any excess of funds from fundraising done, if any, by the Lead Organizer at their local level.  It is highly suggested all Lead Organizers  promote the Official Event T-Shirt along with the promotion of their own march site location.  T-Shirt promotion is not just for march site locations, but worldwide to every location, including all those watch parties, after parties, and other non-march ancillary events.

With each independent Lead Organizer being autonomous in nature, it is their choice, as an independent, as to how they will account and hold fundraising revenue from their own local march site fundraisers to cover their own expenses incurred, if any.  A confidential Identification Number has been assigned to each registered Lead Organizer for various reasons with one of those being a way for local march site location individuals encountered to verify and confirm with the committee the legitimacy of each Lead Organizer as a registered Lead Organizer for the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches.

Honorary March Leaders:


The Gay Reverend Magora E. Kennedy is 100% New York State, suburban and urban.  Rev. Magora was born in Albany, New York, the state capital, on September 22, 1938.  Rev. Magora, with her minister's collar on, was there the very first night of the Stonewall Rebellion on Friday, June 27, 1969.  As our International Committee chairman recently stated in a press release, "I definitely feel a part of the Stonewall Rebellion having visited with Rev. Magora for extended conversations over the telephone on two separate occasions; I could write for hours on what we talked about.  As the International Committee Chairman of the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches, I was ecstatic when Rev. Magora proudly accepted the title of Honorary March Leader I bestowed upon her on behalf of the committee."
For the complete press release, click the following link


Chrisie Edkins
, a transgendered talented popular music artist and model from the South of the United Kingdom
 has been working hard for many years to be able to put on a performance that is extremely entertaining, original, and fresh. With her “new 80s” style, her music is becoming well known throughout the United Kingdom and has even spanned across to the United States of America where she has performed live in Las Vegas over Christmas in 2009.  With her drive to make a stand for everyone that has been or is going through the same, Chrisie appeared on various television shows, magazines, and newspapers throughout the United Kindom sharing to the world her story.  Combined with her dreams for her own future, Chrisie is well known in the transgender community for the pro-active role she plays in trying to spread knowledge, understanding, and support to those within the community who need a little help. After all, who better than Chrisie to offer help and guidance since she has been through the works in her own life and come through them the stronger for it.

Speaking on behalf of the International Committee for the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our HONORARY OVERSEAS MARCH LEADER!

For the complete press release, click the following link 

Proof why this Education & Enlightenment is so vitally important:

One of the administrators of the creator of this event, the International Committee chairman, received a letter a few months back from a US Congressman.  This member of Congress had just finished reading a book given to them by one of their constituents. The following statement was made by the politician regarding their view of the rights available to individuals of the LGBT community, as well as the effect the book had upon them.

“I have always respected the rights of an individual to live their life as they see fit within the constraints of the bodies of law within their territorial jurisdiction. With that being said, certain individuals with situations resulting from behavioral and sexual choices due to individual identity are not always allowed these same rights. I have always taken the majority position of those who elected me to office when legislation or decisions of this nature come up. Recently, I have assessed various ways of encouraging those who elect us to educate themselves in this particular area in order that they understand the ramifications that could result when voicing their position if ignorance on any issue is present. This book could be that partial eye opener with the education they need in this area. I see things somewhat differently having read it, giving me the courage to realize an injustice is possibly done to those individuals with varying sexual preference and identity.” 

The member of Congress went on to say, “A clerk in the office, who incidentally read the book after I finished, shared with me a group created on facebook. I am sure you are aware that campaigns carried out by collective groups of advocates, on any issue, carry more weight as the number of participants rise. With the aggressive goal of one million, the campaign will carry significant weight, once met, when taken through the proper channels to the target audience.”

A committee comprised of various group members from the creator of this event reviewed some of the details of this letter from the Congressman as the letter contained a challenge issued to the group LET'S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN...It's a start! LGBT EQUALITY; this was done to determine if the group wanted to accept the challenge and the committee so decided to take on the challenge with full force of the group.  The confidentiality of the politician was requested and is being honored by the group during this challenge period of which the group is still in.

The quotes above from the politician emphasized to this march committee just how important this education and enlightenment process truly is; with a member of our own Congress so acknowledging, we felt it was time to take BOLD action by initiating this event and taking the steps necessary to make these marches a truly historic event in this education and enlightenment process.

A totally separate letter from a different politician, US Senator Dr. Tom Coburn, was made available by the International Committee chairman and it too, shows the need for this education and enlightenment process to take place within the US Government.  With it being this necessary in America, the purported World Leader in the advancement of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, think how important this is to all governments and societies Worldwide.  To read this letter, go to

In Closing:

The committee extends our open arms to every single member of society and to all governments worldwide to participate in this historic event and commit not only to yourself, but to all mankind, to the ACHIEVEMENT of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS for every individual in the world...

If additional information is desired, please contact the International Committee Chairman  or USA telephone number 405-410-2934.

(EHP, LLC 9/24/2011 all rights reserved & submission of copyright pending)
NOTE:  copyright pending is strictly on the structure and guidelines for this event and has nothing to do with the rights to promote, advertise, or any media coverage of this event.  

*On 01/12/2012, the committee received confirmation from Heather Cronk at GetEQUAL that they had voted and would be actively supporting the marches and will relay all the information to their field organizers, participation totally left up to them.



A PERFECT TRIFECTA:  What better way to spend a 3-Day weekend...
04/20/2012            Day of Silence
04/21/2012            2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches
04/22/2012            Earth Day



Select media and promotional exposure:  (to be added as appears or we are informed of) (scroll to page 11)  (scroll to page 23)

in the media (great piece on Millington march later in this segment)

Name of Organization: Marriage Equality USA®
Mission: To secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state level, without regard to sex identity, gender identity or sexual orientation.
Nature of org: Grassroots, volunteer-driven, national
Contact: or (510) 496-2700

T-Shirt Fundraising Summary Explanation:
The donation from the T-Shirt company based on sales will be made to each independent Lead Organizer based on distribution provided to the company from the committee from appropriate march related documented receipts only received from the Lead Organizers. There is no money being held at the central committee, we are strictly here for promotion, assistance in organizing, and coordinating all the mechanics of putting something like this together. No guarantees are made whatsoever to Lead Organizers on amount to be raised through this arrangement with the T-Shirt company.
Date: 12/15/2011
To: International Committee of the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches
Real RoleModels, through the printing company Friends Consulting and Marketing, LLC have agreed to print, market, and sell the official T-Shirt for the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches of which a donation will be made as follows to the event depending on the total sales of the T-Shirt.

We are an LGBT owned business out of Atlanta. The company is totally independent of this event, with no committee member of the event benefiting from the sales of the T-Shirt. The company has agreed to donate $3.00 (USD) per T-Shirt sold to help defray any allowable ancillary expenses incurred by a registered Lead Organizer in the planning and organizing of this event.

To alleviate the need for extensive and time consuming fundraising revenue distribution and internal controls at the committee level, the committee has reached an agreement with us to submit a report of T-Shirt sales to the committee at the end of each month beginning with January and ending with April; likewise, the Lead Organizers will submit electronic copies of original receipts to the committee at the end of each month for the same time period of any expenses incurred at march site location level that was not either donated or paid for by local fundraisers. The committee will summarize the receipts and send us a list of disbursements to be made to each Lead Organizer by the 15th of the month following month end to the extent fundraising revenue from T-Shirt sales covers those disbursements (any underage or overage of revenue will be carried over to the next month). Any excess at the end will be divided equally and paid to each Lead Organizer to be donated to an LGBT charity at the local level chosen by each Lead Organizer, along with any excess of funds from fundraising done, if any, by the Lead Organizer at their local level (per agreement between the committee and each Lead Organizer).

We do numerous fundraisers for various LGBT causes with donations of set amounts to the cause.

Dusty Wenk, Real RoleModels
Anna Banguilan, Creative Director/Printer: Friends Consulting and Marketing, LLC
(actual copy of received email from T-Shirt company with appropriate initials is available upon request)

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2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March Publicity Flyer

                                 Join the NEW LGBT CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT!

                              Jump on board the LGBT CIVIL RIGHTS TRAIN now!

                           April 21, 2012 will GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS OUR DAY!

                 The largest accumulation of CIVIL RIGHTS MARCHES ever in history!


                      IT WILL WORK FOR THE LGBT THIS TIME...


                                STOP THE INEQUALITY NOW          

                     FULL CIVIL RIGHTS NOW
                                               Official website just launched


Monday, November 21, 2011

US SENATOR DR. TOM COBURN - Informed or uninformed? YOU DECIDE...

Dr. Tom Coburn is a US Senator from Oklahoma!  Do we trust those elected to that office are informed?  We would hope so!  Obviously that is not the case.  I sent the Senator some correspondence relating to LGBT Equality and Full Civil Rights for the LGBT; the following letter is the response I received:

November 21, 2011

Mr. Joe Knudson
(personal address left off for privacy reasons)

Dear Mr. Knudson,

Thank you for your letter concerning civil rights for people with diverse sexual orientations. It is good to hear from you, and I apologize for the delay in my response.

There are no federal laws and, to the best of my knowledge, no state laws, which single out persons on the basis of sexual orientation, which means that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) persons have the same avenues for protection of civil rights as everyone else.

This is as it should be. I am opposed to discrimination in the law based on sexual orientation and I believe that each of us has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

I visited the Facebook page you included with your email, and I am unsure what specific action the page is requesting. If you would like to write me again regarding a specific issue or piece of legislation I would be happy to explain my views.

Thank you again for your email. Best wishes!


Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
United States Senator

With LGBT issues being in the media continually during his tenure as Senator, as well as the fact that we have a State Representative in Oklahoma, Sally Kern, who has made international news with her anti-gay agenda, you would think Dr. Tom Coburn would be more informed on LGBT issues.  HE IS NOT, OBVIOUSLY!

Let's all make the effort and EDUCATE & ENLIGHTEN not only our own Politicians, but Society as a whole, on just who and what the LGBT are and that we DEMAND and are ENTITLED to live within the same laws and guarantees all other segments of SOCIETY enjoy!

GET ACTIVE & PARTICIPATE in the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March...!/events/217923068269572/

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March
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Official website just launched

Sunday, November 13, 2011


2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March

(if you haven't returned the registration form emailed to you earlier, take the time and do so now before you proceed...THANKS)



Our goal in organizing these marches is to reach out to as many people as possible with the intention of persuading them to stand with us in our battle of demanding FULL CIVIL RIGHTS for the LGBT, including Marriage Equality. It is important to remember that we are not only fighting the laws with these marches, but are also fighting the stigma and stereotypes that the opposition paints us with. The image we present to the public can and does have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of our marches and in some cases, it could even affect our own personal safety. This includes not only interactions with media, law enforcement or other officials, but with spectators as well.

OVERVIEW OF RIGHT TO MARCH: (each country will have different stated/implied rights)

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically allows peaceful marches and the freedom of assembly as part of a measure to facilitate the redress of grievances. Amendment I: Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  The majority of countries worldwide, along with a somewhat non-committal backing of the United Nations, allow for such marches (please check with your individual state department of your own country for more information if desired).

Now originally, the First Amendment applied only to laws enacted by the Congress. However, starting with GITLOW v. New York, 268 US 652 (1925), in a series of cases, the Supreme Court has held that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment applies the First Amendment to each state, including any local government. The city, county or state CAN MAKE NO LAW, policy or code that can supersede our Federal Right to Assemble and Petition for Redress of Grievances.


Not all locations necessarily will require a permit to march, so immediately call the municipality of the desired march site inquiring if one is needed.
  You will need an estimate of how many people are going to show up as well as the route taken and the date and time.  You will have to fill out an application ahead of time and possibly pay a small fee.

In researching numerous logs of marches, many organizers of marches have gotten away without getting a permit due to the way they performed the march.  If the march is generally conducted on a public sidewalk or designated walk/jog route and you are not blocking traffic and observe all traffic lights and do not block doorways to businesses and stay in flow with the general public pedestrian traffic moving around the city, you will have no problem without a permit. 


If a permit is required for a special route or location, be sure to have at least someone at the front, middle, and rear of the march carry a copy of the permit with them. Lead Organizers need to start planning at least two to three months ahead of the march date of 4/21/2012, not only for adequate preparation, but in case a permit is required, even though the process of application and obtaining a permit can generally be accomplished within a matter of days. The earlier you start, the better and more prepared you will be for your location. USA ONLY- In the DC area, you will most likely need a permit as it is more difficult to get by without one, but some have in the past...just call the National Parks Permit Office  (202) 245-4715 and they can fax you a permit application; in this area call immediately and proceed, as if your desired route is not available for 4/21/2012, you may have to change your route.  The National Parks Permit Office will take care of notifying the District of Colombia Police and other city organizations that require special events notification. It's that simple!


  All actions are nonviolent
 2.  Stay together
 3.  Stay behind any cops if they present themselves along your route
 4.  Don't throw anything
 5.  Don't communicate with the police at all & comply with their requests immediately
 6.  Designate crowd leaders to be responsible for keeping the marchers in line
 7.  Be polite, pleasant, & smile; do not engage in disagreements or shouting matches with spectators or passersby
 9.  Do not bring alcohol, weapons, or any illegal substances; do not come to the march intoxicated
10. The 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches are not exercises in violent civil disobedience, but are exercises of freedom of speech and public marches, in addition to non-violent forms of certain justifiable individual civil disobedience within reason (if necessary).  While we do not promote the risk of any of our supporters to put themselves at that risk of being arrested, we will not put constraints on those who feel it necessary to exercise non-violent justifiable forms of certain civil disobedience as an individual!


Check & arrange for PERMIT, if needed (see above)
 2. Plan your march route wisely; pick a popular & highly visible route (most permit applications require the route on application)
 3. Recruit a highly visible LGBT or LGBT friendly individual to LEAD the march
 4. Help deliver our message of Full Civil Rights for the LGBT, including Marriage Equality with signs, banners, & the use of a megaphone (best to only have one megaphone as if many, the messages are not clear to the listeners/spectators along the route & usually it best for the march leader to carry the megaphone)
 5. Promote your local march...(do it early & all the way up to & including the day of the march)
     a. put up flyers in your area everywhere (especially LGBT & LGBT friendly establishments)
     b. contact all media in your area (radio & TV stations, local talk shows, local newspapers & publications, etc.; contact them early & give them plenty of lead time) and formally invite them to the march and let them know you are available for both pre- and post-interviews
     c. utilize all online social media avenues
     d. use press releases to update your area on the upcoming march
 6. Don't just trust the media to take pictures of the event, be sure you have a couple marchers take plenty of pictures of the march and the crowd that day
 7. Each marcher should carry with them copies of flyers detailing what we want (demands for full Civil Rights for the LGBT, including Marriage Equality; if there are other specific demands for your own individual city/state/province/area/country where your march is held, as long as they relate to equality for the LGBT & other pressing LGBT issues, please use this event to include those as well) to hand out to those spectators along the route or anyone else who may ask for information - DON'T FORGET ABOUT ELECTION 2012 AND WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND ON ISSUES OF IMPORTANCE TO THE LGBT...
 8. Get people to the march; not just participants in the march, but spectators as well (promoting the march, #5 above, will help in getting both there)
 9. Utilize the Steps to Get Active & Participate in the "more info" section of the event page @!/event.php?eid=217923068269572
Official website just launched 


LEAD BANNER (must be adhered to due to sponsor agreements):

1. White with Purple Text
2. Top line in BOLD CAPS:

2012 WORLDWIDE LGBT... CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH - "name of location"

3. Next line also in BOLD CAPS with little smaller text than first:


4. Bottom line in BOLD CAPS with little smaller text than second:


(The "dot, dot, dot" at the end of LGBT covers all others as well like the intersexed and questioning; the general public knows our community as LGBT and if we add some other letters, we would need to add them all and it would be something like LGBTQIA and that could be confusing to many. Also using lower cased letters for the word "are" between CIVIL RIGHTS & HUMAN RIGHTS makes those 2 stand out more. Lastly the "dot, dot, dot" after the group name allows us to shorten it and make it more visible. These suggestions just stated in this paragraph came from a college professor from OU who was presented with all of this and he gave his professional suggestion as to type set and punctuation, etc.)


Individual signs are up to lead organizer and planners for each location as they all have their own issues. Definitely no vulgarity, no name calling, no negative slogans, a must that all signs and banners have a positive message, no hate speech (even against the GOP), or innuendos of any violence and a few signs need to include the political climate of the election year and supporting LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates. 

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NOTE: copyright pending and protected rights is strictly on the structure and guidelines for this event and has nothing to do with the rights to promote, advertise, or any media coverage of this event.