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I am living my life with the intent of helping family, my friends, worthy organizations, etc.! Equality is so important to our basic human rights; please help in my efforts to achieve that in our lifetime! Writing has always been my dream and being able to use the rewards of writing to help in achieving equality throughout this world just makes it that much more enjoyable. I look forward to the very near future of expenses involved in achieving my goal of LGBT WORLDWIDE EQUALITY to be covered from book sales, with portions of the excess invested back in the LGBT community to help others achieve their goals...GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS EQUALITY FOR ALL LGBT INDIVIDUALS!

Please be a part of achieving LGBT WORLDWIDE EQUALITY

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Please help by joining the following group-IT'S TOTALLY FREE! Once we get the membership numbers in the "Extremely High Range", our clout/influence will take hold & it will be much easier to get things accomplished at all levels; our political influence as a group will be tremendous...HOW MANY FRIENDS HAVE YOU INVITED TO JOIN? Remember, THIS IS OUR LINK:

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Take a look now and join the group.  New things happening all the time in our efforts toward LGBT equality...


Sharing our story and enlightening individuals worldwide is contagious; it's like a disease, but a good disease and it will help tremendously with eradicating homophobia worldwide. Don't be afraid to share; you'll be surprised how many individuals will be glad you did.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Author Interview, J.C. Knudson

Author Interview #27, with gay rights advocate and author J.C. Knudson, who believes through education comes acceptance and a better chance of equality for all.

Hi Joe! Describe yourself in 5 words:

Caring, loving, giving, descriptive, & enlightening.

Share a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words):

From Living the Difference:

My sense of awareness as to my sexual preferences began early on in life. While most children at the age of five and younger were fully content playing with toys, watching cartoons, and all the other fun things to do at preschool, in addition to those, I was always mesmerized when I saw a handsome man. That fixation on men would at times occur out of nowhere, seeing a man in a television commercial, taking lunch out to the hired hands on the farm, watching older male students play basketball at the high school games, and many other remembrances.

Share an excerpt of your favorite author’s work (10-100 words):

From Eat, Pray, Love:

I was sitting in the formal dining room of a Scottish castle with seven other men and three delightfully batty British women of a certain age. Wine flowed, haggis was served, and the conversation among a roomful of people who barely knew each other roared on with each course.

Comment on the writing versus publication process, in your experience:

The writing process is much easier; finding the right publisher, one you can trust with your story, is a challenge. Once the book is written and published, the real work begins, that being the promotion of your book!

What is your definition of “good writing”?

Writing from the heart; writing that will entice your reader to want more and to want to pick up your book and continue reading at every opportunity. To accomplish that, a good writer must be a good story teller, along with a good feel of what your intended audience would want to read!

Please share your #1 tip for writers:

Never give up, even when you experience “writer’s block”…

Your websites/blogs/etc:

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Much thanks to Mr. J.C. Knudson for the chat! Visit his blog for his author bio, the book trailer for Living the Difference, and more.

Monday, April 11, 2011


The following is a guest post that I truly feel follows in line with my own feelings and thoughts as a person living my life the best I know how.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

J.C. (Joe) Knudson, Author of Living the Difference

Are you feeling lacking in some way? Do you wish to lead a life filled with meaning, a life that is filled with abundance? The key to achieving this is to use the power of affirmations to uncover just such a life.

If you are like the person that I used to be, you are too critical of yourself and others. This only serves to keep you locked in a prison whereby you cannot move forward in a positive direction. It will only keep you from developing a healthy relationship with yourself and others. You will remain stuck in a place filled with judgment which will not create any happiness. There is a better way!

“I am” is the most powerful statement in the universe. It is also an expression of “Amen.” It is the epitome of affirmations which you can use to claim what you wish to possess as if you had it now. Over time, you will develop confidence and hope which will lead you to belief. What you put out as your desire will necessarily manifest for you. It is only a matter of practice. You can do it!

Try some of my affirmations and take them in as if they are yours. Better yet make up your own. Say them as if you really mean them. Here are some that you can begin with: I am beloved, I am worthy, I am doing the best I can with what I know about myself here and now. I am prosperous. I am leading a life filled with love. I am leading an abundant life! I am a unique expression of God. I am who I am. I am becoming the person I am meant to be. I am powerful!

Now, try another exercise. Stand in front of a mirror and only look into your eyes. Do not be afraid. Look deeply into your soul and remember the little child that you were. Look into the eyes of that child with the love that child deserved. Try to do it for five minutes every day. You will be amazed at the results.

Now it's time for you to make up your own unique affirmations. Don't be timid. Make them filled with power. Make them express whatever you desire to manifest for yourself. You can do it!

Practice your affirmations every day. If you are feeling depressed or stressed, take some quiet time first. Breathe deeply and let your thoughts bubble up without any judgment. When you feel free, it is time to begin.

Take another deep breath and speak those affirmations with belief. Don't let any doubts get in the way. Do it throughout the day whenever you have free time. Do it when you're in the bathroom. Do it when you are driving. Do it whenever you can.

Remember that the time is now. The present moment is all there is. Appreciate the now. Look forward to the future with eagerness. Only good can unfold for you.

It doesn't take much time or energy, but what you put into it will pay great dividends. You owe it to yourself. You are ready to embark on a new adventure into a life beyond your wildest dreams. I guarantee you will see results. It is only a matter of applying yourself. You deserve it. You are the only one who can do it! The time is now.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For all aspiring writers who would like to have their voice heard:

I am a 56 year old divorced gay male who came out later in life. Having been married for several years, I am the father of two fantastic sons. I went through what many in the gay community have gone through themselves, struggles with identity, as well as fitting in a “one-sided” society. While I lead a seemingly straight life throughout my early and younger middle age years, I knew I was definitely different from the so called “typical male”. I married my high school sweetheart and began on a journey of hope that my true inner feelings and desires would someday change.

I have written a book recently released that I am using as a vehicle on my mission to educate the world’s population about understanding and accepting people who are gay. My book lifts the curtain on the so called “gay lifestyle”, revealing a human portrait that resonates regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It’s been termed a portrait of success, of meaning, and of hope. It lights a candle against the darkness of ignorance.

I am currently in the process of writing the sequel due out late 2011. From the many reviews and responses from readers both homosexual and heterosexual alike, I intend to devote a chapter in showcasing three individual and unique stories from readers relating to the toughest struggle they encountered on their own path to understanding and acceptance of homosexuality. It will give each participant a chance to have their story published, reaching thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the world. We all want to leave a mark somewhere of our existence on this earth and this could well be the way to leave yours!

There is no cost involved whatsoever in entering the contest and the three winners will not only be featured in the sequel, but will also receive a signed certificate of inclusion that will be placed inside their own original autographed hard cover copy of the release. In addition, they will be my personal guests at a book signing location of their choice from the list of appearances subsequent to the book release. They too, will have the opportunity to put their signature in their own section on those books during the book signing event. Be a part of some well deserved publicity you’ve been longing for.

The guidelines are simple. Submission must be in a Microsoft word document of no greater length than 1,200 words. It must be an original story not previously published or in any form of media presentation. Please include with your submission your name, residence, and email address. Submissions must be received by July 15, 2011. The three winners will be notified by email, as well as publicity releases by August 30, 2011. Submit to:   Spam or inappropriate submissions will immediately be disqualified.

I look forward to receiving your submission and possibly meeting at one of my book signings.

Good Luck!

J.C. (Joe) Knudson, Author of Living the Difference: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay