Monday, May 16, 2011


I am quite concerned over certain individuals who portray themselves as Christians and have no intellectual knowledge of what they are trying to preach in certain areas, only their uneducated views in these areas. I recently had a book published, Living the Difference: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay, and I am using the book as a vehicle to educate society on a topic many are misinformed on and ignorant of the true actual facts, homosexuality. An uneducated and misinformed society is dangerous with their views. All of us know that an informed and educated society, on any topic of discussion, will generally be a more understanding and accepting society on many views relating to that topic! Give me a chance to do that with homosexuality!  Read my book; allow yourself to realize there is more than one predetermined trait of sexual preference among human beings. Heterosexuality, the more widely known and understood preference, has been demanded and expected of everyone since the beginning of time. The world has evolved into a more demanding and argumentative society than any past philosopher or non-philosopher alike ever thought possible or even probable. This is the way it has always been and it's never been a pressing priority to educate society on all the facts. It's not a question of Christianity as so many make it out to be, it's a question as to if all the facts are known and understood. These people need to stop using Christianity as their weapon and excuse to continue this ignorance.

J.C. Knudson, Father of two, Partner of 18 years, & Author of Living the Difference


  1. Don't be offended by people who require imaginary friends to make themselves feel better. Why be a sheep? Ignore the negative stuff and be grateful for the good stuff. You're taking an impressive and brave stand, well done you :)
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  2. Thanks Nicole. I like what I read about you...


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