Monday, May 16, 2011


What do you do when you have been continually discriminated against at your office because of your sexual orientation...IT CONTINUES TO HAPPEN AND I HAD ANOTHER INSTANCE THIS MORNING! I am not ready to leave my office position yet as I am a cancer survivor and need my health insurance that I would not be able to obtain anywhere else due to the cancer. My writing is doing great and my recent release is rising in the charts, but I need more security with my writing before I leave my office job! Please share your thoughts...

J.C. Knudson, Author of Living the Difference


  1. Hi Joe, I just attended a workshop on workplace discrimination last night. The civil rights lawyer who conducted the workshop encouraged us to be committed and to put complaints in writing to our supervisor or whom ever is listed in your HR manual. She explained that you must give the employer a good faith opportunity to intervene. Always list the statute you think is being violated - it may be your state human rights code, or the federal code. Once notified your employer should conduct and investigation and intervene on your behalf.

    A new thing I learned is that if you quite because of the hostile environment and discrimination, you should write your letter of resignation in that way, i.e. - “I have no other option than to constructively discharge my employment because I am being discriminated against and you have failed to take any action even after I filed my complaint in writing.” The language is very important because the court understands constructive discharge to mean you left because you felt you had no choice. It maintains your right to unemployment insurance - very important. I meet so many people who just quit - then you are shooting yourself in the foot!

  2. Thank you so much for that information. You brought up ideas that I never would have thought of. I feel like now I at least have something to work with here. Again, thanks so much!

  3. Sorry to hear that, Joe. Let's all create a huge OUTstanding gay-friendly organization that creates safe & respectful jobs for thousands of us, and educates society too.


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