Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There is a group on facebook
that is growing very fast with members from around the world.  We are working on eradicating homophobia throughout the world through education and enlightenment in order to achieve our goal of total LGBT Equality Worldwide.  We have many different vehicles we use in our journey to equality.  As our group grows, so does our clout and influence. 

We have already received notice from a Washington politician who recently issued us a challenge after reading the book recently released Living the Difference: an enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay.  The details of this challenge will be revealed on the group page in the next few days.

We are in a growth mode and need more members to help us increase our clout and influence on our journey toward total LGBT Equality Worldwide.  We are accepting members from across the world of varying sexual identities.


I want to share with you an email I received from a heterosexual reader of the book referenced above (one of the many vehicles used in this education and enlightenment process):  "Wow, I finally get it now, I can't believe this goes on each and every day, but you've shown me that it does and I appreciate you for that. I have many gay friends that I have socialized with and gone out with, but I never witnessed this type of behavior against gay people, nor have I totally understood their personal lives until I lived yours through your book. I am going to share your book with as many straight people as I can. Thanks for helping with my own homophobic attitudes." As mentioned, this was from a heterosexual reader, you should see what the LGBT community has to say about the book!

Our esteemed members are working hard to achieve total LGBT Equality Worldwide, please jump on board and help us attain this in our lifetimes.

Sincerely and with deep appreciation for your membership,
Joe (J.C.) Knudson, Father of 2, Partner of 18 Years, Creator of Group, & Author of Living the Difference

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