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Finally! It’s super exciting that gay couples are receiving marriage licenses and state support in six states; Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York! Of course there’s also Washington D.C., our nation’s capital. Now that we are happily married or in a committed partnership, a new question arises: where are the best places to live if we want to be part of a gay community?

Here’s a list of the top five places to live as a gay couple.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

I would have to say that New Orleans is one of the most diverse and culturally accepting places I’ve ever traveled to. Specifically, I find the French Quarter and the Garden District to be the most breathtakingly beautiful and saturated with same sex partnerships. The people on the streets are genuine and often quite bizarre but always entertaining. They sure know how to throw a hell of a party! People don’t seem to judge each other as harshly as most cities. Magazine Street is especially nice. Many of the store owners are openly gay and most everyone is gay friendly. There are plenty of day and night entertainment options, as well.

2. Washington D.C. – Maryland

It’s the nation’s capital, so not only is it brimming with employment possibilities; it has plenty of different types of scenes going on around town. It is certified as a same sex marriage licensed city and I have heard of many gay couples thrilled at the opportunity to move there and have everything they need, from legal protection, to an advanced and well off city. Also, you’re not to far away from the mountains or NYC.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a hipster mecca boasting world class coffee houses, art and music. The scene is relaxed enough to be comfortable but busy enough to inspire. You will find plenty to entertain yourselves within this city filled with bars, clubs and art showings. For anyone with artistic flair, I would have to say Seattle has a lot to offer.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

As one of the first cities to ban antigay discrimination and embrace a queer lifestyle, this city has really taken flight. The wonderful nightlife and shopping alone would make this a great place to visit, but the gay community within this city speaks volumes. A dear friend of mine was moved by this city and it’s inhabitants so much so that she said she personally had to name it the most gay accepting and entertaining city she’s been to and she currently lives in NYC.

5. NYC, NY

I don’t feel I really need to touch on the details of what makes this city great. It’s just a great city, period. You will find something for everyone here and much of New York is based on embracing different ideas and cultures. It can be molded into whatever you want. With the latest news of NY becoming one of the first states to embrace gay marriage, that certainly helps make it a fabulous place to stick your glittery nest egg!

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