Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Our group  LET'S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN...It's a start! LGBT EQUALITY  is still receiving inquiries from non-believers as to the legitimacy of the challenge we received from the US Congressman.  Here is a response to those inquiries:

The challenge is as legit as it gets; I don't know what else to say other than you have my word on it and I don't give my word to something I don't know for sure or I don't believe in.

In addition, I have personally always thought this particular congressman possibly had closeted family members or close friends, so I firmly believe it is legit. Originally, the group was not even going to let anyone know whether it was a male or female, but without even thinking it was let out it was a male many times.  I cannot "out", so to speak (not saying at all that he is gay), someone in his position as that is not in my nature and I gave my word at the time of acceptance of his challenge that we would honor his confidentiality request until that time he makes a public announcement on his additional support and/or the challenge is met.  We as a group, have no idea what additional support to expect from the congressman should we meet this challenge.

I feel as confident as I possibly can that it is not a sick and sad joke from someone and I am sure election 2012 being right around the corner that he is wanting to test the waters to see just how much support he could possibly garner from the LGBT community prior to deciding to align himself more than he already has with us and making an announcement of additional future support.

Other than saying his name, there is nothing else I can do or say and if anyone thinks I am going to go back on my word just to satisfy someones own doubt as to the legitimacy, then you don't know me too well as when I give my word on something I do not go back on it just to satisfy someones curiosity because quite obviously that is all this is, as this challenge came after our mission was defined and really has nothing to do with our core mission, other than possibly assisting us with our work toward LGBT Equality for the LGBT by possibly garnering the continued support of another Congressman, as our emphasis on educating and enlightening society through a variety of channels is still the same and was already in place prior to this challenge. THIS GROUP SUPPORTS MANY OUTSIDE EQUALITY PROJECTS, AS WELL AS MANY CAUSES THAT WE INITIATED WORK ON FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY; SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO USE THIS CHALLENGE AS A REASON NOT TO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS OR WORK TOWARDS EQUALITY THEN IT IS JUST AN EXCUSE ON THEIR PART TO NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH SOME OF THE INDIVIDUALS IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY.

Joseph C. Knudson

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