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PRESS RELEASE - 8/31/2011

The three winners of a writing contest, sponsored by Espresso House Publishing in conjunction with their first release by a gay author, Living the Difference by J.C. Knudson, are announced below, along with the re-announcement of the winner of the first membership drive contest for the fastest growing LGBT Equality group on facebook LET'S REACH 1 MILLION PEOPLE CAMPAIGN...It's a start! LGBT EQUALITY, in addition to special selection status of other writings/causes of two of the members of the above group.

The sequel to Living the Difference will have a chapter devoted in showcasing three unique stories from individuals relating to the toughest struggle they encountered on their own path to understanding and acceptance of homosexuality. It will give each winner the opportunity to have their story published, reaching thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the world. Many humans want to leave a mark somewhere of their existence on this earth and this could well be the way for these winners to leave theirs.  They will not only be featured in the sequel, but will also receive a signed certificate of inclusion that will be placed inside their own original autographed hard cover copy of the release. In addition, they will be my personal guests at a book signing location of their choice from the list of appearances subsequent to the book release. They too, will have the opportunity to put their signature in their own section on those books during the book signing event. Who knows for sure, but this could easily launch a writing career if they so desire...

The three winners of this contest are Jessica Lillie Arent, Satori Dennis Agape, and Shawn Brighenti.  These individuals were three of over 500 entries submitted for the contest.

The winner of the membership drive contest referenced above is Rachel Hall.  Through her efforts of adding her own friends to the above LGBT Equality group and the first line addition of friends of her friends added, the group received over 750 new members from those efforts.  Rachel will receive the same as the winners above, with the exception of a story within the devoted chapter, rather she will receive an honorable mention in a special section at the beginning of the sequel with her bio including her efforts in assisting the LGBT on their journey to Equality.

The first special selection status recipient is Michelle Dawn Owens, after her story was selected by my own personal publicist and myself for the uniqueness in content and manner of presentation and for that she will be named in the sequel along with an offer to have her story submitted for publishing in a book of her own should she so desire as an expanded and more detailed story of her life (better get started writing Michelle as we are talking about a whole book, not a featured chapter).

The second special selection status recipient is Heather Nicole Freely for her inspiring cause that is so dear to her heart.  She will be named in the sequel with a short bio/story and a link to her cause, Heather's Place of Hope @ http://www.causes.com/causes/619132-heather-s-place-of-hope/about

I will be sending out the paperwork/releases I will need signed by each of the winners soon and in the meantime bask in the glory of being selected one of our winners and for all others always remember, one of my missions in life is to get our stories out there and discover writers in the process as well!  You never know when you could be selected for inclusion publication or even possibly a book of your own.  We have to EDUCATE and ENLIGHTEN society as that will go a long way in achieving everything the LGBT is deserving of and entitled to and I am going to do my part of it and I truly hope all of you will do your part as well.

Please take the time to congratulate all of our winners.

For all who read this Press Release, please help the LGBT achieve our equal Civil Rights, JOIN OUR GROUP NOW at   https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/groups/letsreach1millionpeoplecampaignlgbtequality/

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  1. Michelle Dawn Owens/CrowderAugust 31, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Thanks so much Joe!! Just remember, my actual last name is Crowder.


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