Thursday, September 8, 2011

KRISTINA LAPINSKI & MELANIE NATHAN: The two behind "GAY U.S.A. the Movie" (2012 RELEASE)

is proud to endorse and support the efforts of two great individuals, Kristina Lapinski and Melanie Nathan, in their making of a truly inspiring film that will educate and enlighten millions of Americans who are unacquainted with gay rights in America.  The film  GAY U.S.A. the Movie is scheduled for a 2012 release.

Melanie Nathan is an esteemed member of our group and the following was just released to the group members:

Just showcasing the talent of some of our members. Another one of our very own esteemed members Melanie Nathan has a long list of credits to her name, among them is publisher of GAY U.S.A. Blog, which interacts with the production of a movie by Kristina Lapinski, GAY U.S.A. the Movie. Melanie will write the news and tell the stories, as well as contribute unique articles on gay rights issues; she is well known for her equality and human rights activism work in the U.S.A. and abroad.

As Melanie states on the GAY U.S.A. website, “I am so excited about the promise of this project and our unique alliance. I believe that our civil rights are attainable to the extent of full and absolute equality; yet the challenge remains in finding a way to inform those who remain uninformed, misinformed or indifferent to this vital American value.”

On the same site Kristina Lapinski states, “Public education and compelling stories will win our movement. Media has the profound effect of exposing new worlds to viewers in a dramatic and impactive way, and this endeavor will truly reach out to every demographic as a pop culture film. Our community needs to deliver a full scope education to America, and GAY U.S.A. will bring the issues to the big screen.”

We are honored to have Melanie Nathan among our membership and PROUD that our mission of educating and enlightening society meshes so nicely with the philosophy of GAY U.S.A.

It will be our honor Melanie and Kristina to do everything we can to endorse and promote your works, as well as GAY U.S.A. the Movie, to our members and every segment of society we come in contact with during our own advocacy work on LGBT issues through various means, in addition to recurring publicity in our daily online newspaper and numerous Internet sites we utilize in our advocacy work.

To see the just released trailer, click on the following link @

Stay tuned for continual updates on this great project...

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