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                     Rev. Magora E. Kennedy
                          2012 HONORARY MARCH LEADER

The Gay Reverend Magora E. Kennedy is 100% New York State, suburban and urban.  Rev. Magora was born in Albany, New York, the state capital, on September 22, 1938 and has been residing in The Bronx since the mid-1990s.  She is the mother of five, the grandmother of ten, and the great grandmother of five.  Is this unusual?  Absolutely!  Way back then, women were expected to get married, and to a man; in Rev. Magora's situation, she was under extremely heavy, forced, and emotionally tormented pressure.  Make no mistake, Rev. Magora dearly loves all of her blessed twenty offspring!  Because of her big clan, she is known as the Gayest Great Grandmama.

Rev. Magora, with her minister's collar on, was there the very first night of the Stonewall Rebellion on Friday, June 27, 1969. In the daytime, Rev. Magora and several friends paid their respects at the funeral of the great, color-less entertainer Judy Garland at her huge public funeral in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Four gay women were driving out of Manhattan, after an evening of food and drink in Greenwich Village that very hot Friday night headed to Provincetown, Rhode Island. They all had been talking about the great career and short life of gay icon Judy (47) all the while listening to the radio in the car. They hadn't driven very far, still in Manhattan, when they heard a brief item on the local news, "This just in! An uprising in Greenwich Village has just broken out at The Stonewall Bar involving the police."  They turned the car around and headed right back to Greenwich Village. When they arrived on Christopher Street, the cops were already in full mode and had people in a police paddy wagon. There were still other LGBT patrons inside as they were slowly parading people out the front door of The Stonewall Bar.  There was a gay boy who actually tried to escape and nearly escaped, but was grabbed from behind, pulled to the ground out front of the bar, and was then needlessly drop-kicked by a big uniformed cop.  The boy's nose hit the pavement and was bleeding profusely; his standing up to this police abuse sparked the rebellion.
This is the scene of the annual Stonewall Prayer in front of The Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street at Stonewall Place in Greenwich Village during the annual New York City Pride Parade, June 30, 2002Rev. Magora is in the center.

At 73, today Rev. Magora is still going strong and is always PROUD and excited to tell her story so LGBT history will continue to live on...

"I definitely feel a part of the Stonewall Rebellion having visited with Rev. Magora for extended conversations over the telephone on two separate occasions; I could write for hours on what we talked about.  As the International Committee Chairman of the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches, I was ecstatic when Rev. Magora proudly accepted the title of Honorary March Leader I bestowed upon her on behalf of the committee."
                  Joseph C. Knudson

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  1. What an honor to have Reverend Magora as our Honorary March Leader.I feel extremely privledged to have someone with us that was there at what I consider the birth of our movement. She has spent a lifetime fighting for LGBT rights and has been such an integral part of our fight for full equality.
    Welcome Reverend Magora, I am so proud to have you here with us on our Worldwide Civil Rights March. I aspire to be a person that can deliver inspiration and passion to so many people as you have in your lifetime.


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