Thursday, February 2, 2012



Chrisie Edkins, a transgendered talented popular music artist and model from the South of the United Kingdom has been working hard for many years to be able to put on a performance that is extremely entertaining, original, and fresh. With her “new 80s” style, her music is becoming well known throughout the United Kingdom and has even spanned across to the United States of America where she has performed live in Las Vegas over Christmas in 2009.  With her drive to make a stand for everyone that has been or is going through the same, Chrisie appeared on various television shows, magazines, and newspapers throughout the United Kindom sharing to the world her story.  Combined with her dreams for her own future, Chrisie is well known in the transgender community for the pro-active role she plays in trying to spread knowledge, understanding, and support to those within the community who need a little help. After all, who better than Chrisie to offer help and guidance since she has been through the works in her own life and come through them the stronger for it.

Speaking on behalf of the International Committee for the 2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights Marches, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our HONORARY OVERSEAS MARCH LEADER!

Chrisie has not only given many a great gift of her talents, but she has also contributed a fantastic video promoting this Historic Event, in which she arranged and composed every aspect of the production.  Please follow this link to a glimpse of her talents:

Please take a visit to her website at:
Official website just launched

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