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Help us prove the naysayers wrong by joining us and showing your pride. The success of this event will be the success of every single LGBTQI individual worldwide.  Go to for details on how you can be a part of this Historic Day.

This is a "Call To Arms" to all LGBTQI Equality, Civil & Human Rights organizations, LGBTQI individuals, and all of our wonderful straight allies to come together to educate, enlighten, and raise global awarenesss as to our right to live within the same laws and guarantees allowed all other segments of society.  The momentum is here and is strong and fierce and as a group, we must unite and continue to enhance this momentum by going forward demanding the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS of all individuals worldwide.

Volunteer, tell your friends, & take some type of action to validate our position.

Obviously the author did not read the entire contents of the disclosure document, as well as browse the information on the official website, in addition to vetting all the details or else the allusion that our grassroots movement has failed to consider and/or address several points would not have been made.  Marriage Equality USA, GetEQUAL, The EQUALITY PROJECT, The NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Inc., and a host of others have given the International Committee their commitment of support for this movement and event. Outreach to all of the so called "movers & shakers" has been made, not only once, but on numerous occasions with either no courtesy response or the standard response that they have too many other important and precedent setting events they are currently attending to that prohibits them from participating or even promoting this historic event.  The truly sad thing is that the LGBTQI will never see these so called events of theirs surface toward the true advancement of the rights of the LGBTQI; all we will witness is the same old wining and dining social functions they are so well known for throwing with all those fundraising dollars they so earnestly solicit from each and every single one of us, as well as those companies and businesses that would rather see the stalemate continue with those individuals, politicians, organizations, and businesses (as it relates to FULL FEDERAL EQUALITY) that profit from the inequality that exists relating to sexual orientation or gender identity and if such equality would be achieved, there would be many organizations, etc. and their leaders who would be totally out of those high paying positions they now hold.  Just look at the history and results achieved by the HRC; need I say more.

As far as any donations, fundraising, etc. and how that operates, it is totally spelled out in the rather lengthy disclosure document that so many have failed to read.  It's quite ironic because some of the big names in LGBTQI activism asked for such disclosure and when given, then complained how lengthy and detailed it was and then subsequently asked specific questions and when given specific answers were totally satisfied; now here is where the irony sets in, were they to have read the disclosure document fully, they would see the specific answers I gave them, either over the telephone or in correspondence, were taken directly off that disclosure document.

As far as this being a self promotion for my book, the author is right, IT IS NOT;  for those who have read my book, they would not even begin to question my motives of spending thousands upon thousands of my own money and thousands upon thousands of hours of my own time to put this Historic Event together.  Again, had the author read the entire contents of all publicly disclosed documents relating to this event, he would have known that any profits from any of my writings go right back into continuing this fight of ours to achieve total equality for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

There is no promotion or any "buy tabs" or "Paypal buttons" to purchase my book anywhere within the narratives of this event.  Why should I be questioned for being an author and wanting to spend money and time to better the LGBTQI communities worldwide; I am sure all of us could think of many individuals within the so called "movers & shakers" of LGBTQI activism that definitely need to be questioned with many needing to move right on out of the business of LGBTQI activism.  I am not in this to win friends, I am in this to tell it like it is and to do whatever I can to advance the rights of the LGBTQI worldwide.

One last item to note, the membership in our grassroots movement is well over 22,000 members both on and off facebook, as again, is spelled out in all of our information.

It's about time some of us not feel we have to obtain the permission of these "movers & shakers" to take action on our own rights.  Throughout all these months of planning, our grassroots movement has continually been told that such permission is definitely needed to succeed, as well as the allusion to "OR ELSE".  Or else what, they will do whatever they can to see our movement fail; HOW PATHETIC!

We are PROUD for the action we are taking and again, as Chairman of the International Committee for this event, I have said many times,  "FAILURE TO TAKE ACTION NOW AND FAILURE OF THOSE TO PARTICIPATE IS NOTHING SHORT OF FAILING OUR OWN LGBTQI COMMUNITIES AND DENYING BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS TO ALL WORLDWIDE!"

Isn't it about time we be more concerned for our equality rather than whose toes we may step on in the process of achieving it!

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